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Thread lift procedures have been available for many years, but it is not until recently that this amazing treatment has technologically advanced in such a way that these resorbable sutures are truly one of the most advanced in obtaining a non-surgical facelift effect.

Threads are sutures, either in a single filament or barbed, that are placed in the hypodermis of the skin, in order, to create tension by means of lifting and tightening the skin. These sutures are typically resorbable and are made of a special ingredient that stimulates collagen within the area it is embedded in for even longer-term lifting effects.

These threads are attached to needles or cannulas (blunt needle) that are inserted often through one entry point and advanced to the tissues that are lax and in need of lifting. The tissues are then draped over these barbs/cones to displace them into a higher more favourable position.


PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are an example of facial threads readily available. They come in different lengths and sizes and resorb over a period of 4 to 6 months. They can be used in the upper, mid and lower face to tighten saggy tissue.


APTOS threads are created with specially designed barbs, meant to carry out both, lifting and revitalizing effects. Once inserted into subdermal tissue, the barbs lift the skin, creating fibrosis and stimulating the formation of new collagen, necessary to provide support for the soft tissues, that lift them and hold them in an upright position. As a result, better facial contour is visible immediately after the procedure.

Aptos threads are available both in permanent (polypropylene) and resorbable (polylactic acid/caprolactone) versions. Both materials are safe and have been widely used in surgery for more than 50 years. The result after thread-lift lasts for 1,5 - 5 years, depending on thread composition.


  • Non-surgical brow lift

  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose augmentation)

  • Non-surgical otoplasty (pinning back of ears)

  • Symmetry correction of facial tissues

  • Cheek lift (deep nasolabial folds)

  • Lower facelift (jowls)

  • Sagging corner of the mouth

  • Neck lift and tightening

  • Improvement in skin laxity and texture

  • Thickening of thin frail skin


Different APTOS threads are available depending on the areas to be treated as well as the skin quality of the patient. A comprehensive consultation with your physician will be needed to create a suitable treatment plan and cost estimate.

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