BOTOX or Botulinum toxin is a neuromodulator that inhibits muscle action by temporarily blocking the nerve transmission to the affected muscle. BOTOX is typically used in the upper face to soften lines and wrinkles of dynamic nature caused by repetitive muscle movements.


BOTOX can be used in the lower face by an experienced Physician. It is important to note that Botulinum toxin might be less effective on static lines and wrinkles that appear, even while at rest, that is why wrinkle relaxing treatments like these should be started as a preventative measure instead of waiting until the lines are deep and permanently embedded into the skin. Contact us to find out about the trending ‘baby botox’ procedure. It is perfect for younger patients that want a natural, yet glowing result.

  • Glabellar lines (frown between brows) 

  • Forehead lines (horizontal expression lines) 

  • Crow’s feet (laugh lines) 

  • Bunny lines (lines on the nose) 

  • Gummy smile (excessive gum shows when smiling)

  • Downturned corners of the mouth 

  • Lift tip of the nose 

  • Orange peel effect on the chin (chin dimpling) 

  • Neck bands (turkey neck)

  • Slimming of the face 

  • Nefrititi lift ( defining of jawline and neck area) 

  • Constant migraines or headaches 

  • Axillary Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating underarms) 

  • Palmar Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating on hands) 

  • Plantar Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating on feet) 

Apart from the cosmetic benefits of BOTOX, it has been widely used for Medical purposes as well. At our practice, our Doctors have been specially trained in the use of BOTOX for Axillary, Palmar and Plantar Hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating as it is also known. Diluted amounts of BOTOX are injected into the areas concerned whereupon the toxin then diffuses into the tissues and inhibit sweat and oil glands from working optimally, in turn leaving the area dry. This is most typically performed for underarm sweating but can also be done for excessive sweating on the hands and feet.  


Countless patients suffer from constant headaches and Migraines without seemingly finding a resolution to these debilitating conditions. Often, these can be contributed to muscle spasms and constant grinding of the teeth. Botulinum toxin has proven time and time again to be capable of treating spastic muscles in the jaw, back of the head and neck to relax those muscles and provide positive outcomes in the relief of tension headaches, migraines and pain in the jaw from constant clenching and grinding of the teeth. Consult with one of our physicians if you seem to have any of these symptoms.  


Botulinum toxin typically lasts about 3 – 4 months but is very much patient dependent. The duration of BOTOX depends on different variants such as:


  • The amount of BOTOX injected.

  • The Dilution of BOTOX

  • The strength of the muscle being injected

  • The metabolism and ability of the body to break down the product

  • The technique used to inject the BOTOX.


BOTOX, like most minimally invasive injectables, are only temporary. It is interesting to know that the longer these treatments are administered the longer the effects last. This is often the case, but everybody is different and there are always exceptions.


BOTOX, due to contrary belief, really is a quick, safe and painless procedure in the hands of an experienced physician. Although topical anaesthesia is normally not necessary, at For Beautiful Life Medical Aesthetics, we pride ourselves in delivering the best possible experience your hard-earned money can buy. With that said, we will apply a very potent pharmaceutical grade topical anaesthetic cream to the areas to be treated for 20 to 30 minutes.

We make use of a very tiny needle that renders the treatment almost painless and leaves you with almost no downtime. Any normal activities can be resumed straight after your treatment.

As with any injection, possible side effects can include:

  • Some redness at injection sites

  • Mild swelling

  • Possible bruising (although very rare)

Tinted mineral powder-based makeup or sunscreen can be applied directly after to conceal any marks after the treatment.


It is important to note that the effects of BOTOX are not immediate and takes anything from 4 to 7 days to show an effect with the optimal effect peaking at 14 days, which is also when we schedule your follow up appointment to assess your result and do a top-up treatment if necessary.


BOTOX Cosmetic is charged at R80 a unit. 


The number of units needed by each patient will differ and can only be accurately quoted upon consultation.