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Mesotherapy describes the process of tiny microinjections of Pharmacological or homoeopathic substances/ingredients into the mesoderm, the middle layer of the skin. Through means of delivering these ingredients into the deeper layers makes it possible for faster absorption and subsequent more effective skin rejuvenation and healing.

Mesotherapy can be applied to either skin or body for various treatment outcomes.

Mesotherapy treatments for the face include:

  • Optimizing hydration levels of the skin

  • Plumping out fine lines and wrinkles (anti-ageing)

  • Pigmentation disorders

  • Acne and acne scarring treatments

  • Skin rejuvenation addressing the quality of the skin

  • Texture discrepancies 

  • PRP ‘Vampire’ facelift procedure

  • Elimination of double chin through lipolysis

  • Elimination of other stubborn fatty deposits on the face

  • Tightening of lax tissues

  • Localized stubborn fatty deposits

  • Firming of lax tissues

  • Cellulite improvement

  • Increased circulation and drainage in affected areas.



At For Beautiful Life, we offer various products to assist in face and body sculpting. It is important to know that these treatments are not indicated to assist with weight loss but rather to help get rid of stubborn fat deposits that seem difficult to get rid of even with healthy lifestyle choices such as eating healthy and working out regularly. 


Ceccarelli Lipolysis

Ceccarelli solution is a compounded product consisting of Iron, Vitamin C, and Lidocaine (anesthetic). These products in synergy cause what is known as a Fenton reaction that causes natural cell death of the fat cells (apoptosis). These dead fat cells are then broken down and excreted from the body. Ceccarelli has a very high safety profile and has been used successfully around the world. 


Generally speaking, everyone is different and so everyone will respond differently to said treatment. Normally a minimum of 3 sessions will be needed to see a noticeable improvement. Up to 10 sessions can sometimes be necessary to obtain optimal results.

Treatment results depend on various factors:

  • Patient selection

  • The area of treatment – Body or face

  • The amount of fatty deposit present

  • The amount of product injected

  • Patient motivation and treatment adherence 

  • Lifestyle choices of the patient.


Once a suitable treatment plan has been selected by Dr. Nadia Dannhauser, a topical anesthetic will be applied for 20 – 30 minutes to numb the area.


The injections are made with a very small gauge needle and because there is an anesthetic in the Ceccarelli solution, the treatment is minimally uncomfortable. Due to the injections being in the fatty tissue further takes away from a painful experience.


Ceccarelli is a water-soluble cocktail and thus is broken down by the body relatively quickly. Immediately after the procedure visible swelling and liquid deposition will be seen but a few hours later the area will return back to normal.


Possible side effects can include:

  • Visible redness in the area

  • Warm or stinging sensation immediately after or delayed

  • Itching sensation

  • Possible bruising because of injections.

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