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Maybe you were simply born with it… A gap? Maybe you won the trophy but lost your four front teeth in last weekend’s polo tournament? Or maybe you would like to say farewell to a removable denture and get something more solid? We specialise in restoring your smile by offering solutions to suit your needs and your pocket.

Dental Implants have revolutionised the world of reconstructive dentistry. We see firsthand the transformation of lives when we incorporate dental implants into our treatment plans. Dental implants give us the ability to build solid foundations, whether we are replacing a single tooth in a smile, or whether we are reconstructing a complete complement of teeth. The design of Dental Implants always evolve, materials are improved and new treatment methods are devised. We are at the forefront of it all and are proud to offer you the best from the world of implant dentistry.

What to expect

2 Appointments – case dependant

Your first appointment

Contrary to belief, receiving a dental implant need not be painful or traumatic. We know that the experience is as much about the physical procedure as it is about the mental process. We prepare you for both. Which is why we allow you to relax with a cup of tea before we apply the anaesthetic and allow time for it to work. The Dr will then perform the procedure which takes between 10 and 20 minutes depending on each case. We place your dental implant with precision and screw a healing cap into position. He then takes a radiograph (x-ray) to confirm the position of the dental implant. Apart from slight discomfort for a day, 9/10 patients report no pain following the procedure. Your next appointment will be in 12 weeks and will involve the manufacture of the final implant crown.

Your second appointment

Now that your implant is integrated and solid we may proceed to make the perfect crown. Again, the Dr will once again anaesthetise the area and allow time for it to work properly. She will then place your implant abutment, which connects the implant body to the crown portion. Once in place and confirmed, a scan will be taken using the latest intra-oral scanner from Sirona®. This allows them to create a 3D digital model on a computer where the design process starts. By the time your crown has been milled and hits the oven at 840°C, you will be enjoying your second cup of coffee whilst catching up on your favourite Netflix. Once this is complete, your crown will be placed and your bite will be checked to make sure that it is accurate. We recommend that your dental implants should be examined every 6 months.

For more information about Dental Implants in Johannesburg, or to schedule a consultation, contact For Beautiful Life at +27 66 304 0998.

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